Thai Massage

Tennis Player

Thai massage therapy, also known as Thai-yoga is rooted in ancient Ayuruvedic medicine. It is considered a more holistic approach to treating physical condition than our modern western medical model.

Our western approach to treating conditions is to look at each symptoms and each corressponding body area,seperatly from the rest of the body.
When we strain a muscle , we repar that muscle. We dont pay attention to the surrounding muscles untill they apear symptomatic. This is not holistic, or prevention based.

The deep pressure of a Thai massage squash and press the muscles sideways, this help to break down fibrotic tissue and stimulate production of elastic fibres.

After a session lasting up to two hours your muscles and joints will have recived an intensive workout.
As Thai massage always stretches muscles and manipulates joints just a litle further than you would be able to do yourself, the improvement in your flexibility will be noticable immediately.

Thai Massage for Ehncancing sports performance:

A flexible body and the balance of muscles, being able to assume its normal relaxed lenght when not contracting is one of the keys to fitness and performance.Thai massage can help all sports men and women towards this ideal condition.

It will enable them to undertake more intensive training with a significantly reduced risk of injury,and as an result sustain even higher levels of performance safety.

Most sports injuries involve damage to muscle fibres, myofascia or tendons as they are commonly caused by over use of muscles in their group and antagonists.

Thai massage therapy enables every individual muscle to assume its normal relaxed lenght when not contracting.

Manipulations in Thai massage have an unrivalled ability to speed healing and restore pain-free function compared with western sports massage, providing the maintenance the muscles need, improving performance by reducing the risk of injury for athlets, dancers and sports performers.