Sports Massage


Sports Massage Central London

We provide sports massage therapy treatment for a variety of sports injuries, which can be in conjunction with physiotherapy.

We also provide sports massage treatment to help in aid of recovery and to facilitate performance secondary to the common aches and pains or delayed onset muscle soreness that can occur post exercise.

We also offer general massage for those seeking rest, relaxation, and recuperation.


A 60 minute sports massage session will cost £60 by a Senior Therapist

Senior Sports Massage Therapist: Chloe

Sports massage, deep tissue release or soft tissue manipulation whatever you want to call it, Chloe is skilled in making you to feel better, looser, less stressed, and ready for action. She uses specific sports massage techniques learned at the renowned NLSSM, North London School of Sports Massage and developed over the years to help reduce aches and pains, whether caused by sport, injury, or the many stresses and strains of modern everyday life that just seam to creep up out of no where!

To top it all, she is also a REHAB and body transformation specialist trainer so once the aches have eased and she’s worked out those knots, she can help you undergo your own body transformation you never believed possible. In her spare time she currently competes as a fitness model and figure athlete meaning she uses all the latest and most up to date information on diet, nutrition, supplements and training to give her the edge against the competition – and this of course benefits her clients!

Book in for a massage at the Pro Health Store, 16 Drury Lane  at 0207 240 1639 or contact Chloe ‘The Red’ direct by email for the Body Transformation lifestyle at You can also learn more about Chloe by visiting her website




Senior Sports Massage Therapist: Uju

Uju Eze is an accredited sports and remedial massage therapist who trained at the London school of sports massage ( LSSM) where she obtained her Diploma with credit.
Along with her clinical work, Uju is a fully qualified personal trainer and Wildfitness coach.

What to expect? I use connective tissue (fascia) manipulation techniques that can either be deep as to break down fibrous adhesions and stimulate areas that may appear dormant, or more subtle acting on superficial fascial layers to lengthen, stretch, re-align tissue. I encourage my clients to participate with active movement while I work through the tissue layers, restoring their health & function. I believe that your active participation and engaged mind is what makes recovery effective! The techniques I use are pain-free and appear subtle at first, but their physical and neurological effects can be huge.
Biography:  I am fascinated by how the body as a whole functions and adapts to postural (mis-) alignments, habits and discrepancies. I enjoy the rehabilitation and remedial aspect of massage as well as sharing knowledge about body awareness and posture.
Diploma: BTEC Level 5 ISRM, Level 3 advanced instructor
Continual Professional Development: Introduction to myofascail release technique- Alex Fugallo, Anatomy trains- Kinesis UK

Book in for a massage at the Pro Health Store, 16 Drury Lane  at 0207 240 1639 or contact Uju directly on 07891435663 or

24 Hour cancellation policy

All clients are liable for the full cost of the appointment, if you fail to cancel your appointment 24 hours ahead of your scheduled time.